Mat Kearney: ‘Just Kids’ album review
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Mat Kearney: ‘Just Kids’ album review

Mat Kearney has a lot to look forward to with a new album and headlining tour this spring. However, it’s clear from his latest release, Just Kids, that he’s been spending plenty of time on reflection as well.

Kearney’s new album is just as irresistibly hypnotic as previous releases, but songs like “One Black Sheep” show an artist taking stock of his journey and career, using it to add layers of depth and meaning to his compositions. Recent albums like Young Love have featured plenty of sing-along love songs, and those are also present here, but Kearney’s seasoned status gives Just Kids a more substantive feel.

New single “Heartbeat” isn’t exactly the best example, but deeper cuts like “Los Angeles” and the title track are some of Kearney’s finest yet.

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