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Lauren Daigle – ‘Behold’ album review
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Lauren Daigle – ‘Behold’ album review

Lauren Daigle, CCM Magazine - image

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We first got a holiday taste of Lauren Daigle from her appearance on Chris Tomlin’s Adore (buy) album on the song “Noel.” Since then, we’ve wanted to unwrap a pairing of Christmas classics with one of the greatest vocal talents around. Behold (buy) is Daigle’s first Yuletide entry, a light, jazzy take on several holiday classics (and one new song, “Light Of The World”). Given the overall timbre of this album, something reminiscent of what you’d hear walking throughout her hometown’s French Quarter, could this be a glimpse of the real Lauren Daigle (and direction of future releases, perhaps)? Although Daigle doesn’t offer many new titles, it is the time of year where you want to wrap yourself in familiar favorites, and this is an experience that goes beyond the audible. It’s hard to find a more-welcome messenger for tunes like “O Holy Night” than the reigning Dove Award winner for New Artist Of The Year.


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