My prayer is that we move ever closer to Christ and His love versus the things of man—after all, it was He that came to earth that first Christmas, just to be with us. In this issue, you will be blessed by Jesus Culture’s Chris Quilala as he goes into more depth about the loss of his son at this very time two years ago—despite the pain, you can bet he and his family will be singing louder than ever this year.

For perspective, I’ll close with a brief excerpt from a book written by a dear friend, former musician-worship leader, and now, due to hereditary condition, completely deaf pastor-teacher-author: Today what I experience, when the lights are off, are the sounds of silence lingering there in the dark. When I cannot see her face, there are no conversations, no telling jokes, no last-minute reminders to discuss, not even the words, “I love you, goodnight.” What was once the day’s highlight has now significantly changed, for the sweet sound of my loved ones voices has been replaced with a piercing silent night.

Let’s be more than thankful. Let’s be mindful. Let us be ever so closer to Christ this Christmas.

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