As Andrew Greer expressly highlights in his introduction to our Christmas & Communion feature for this issue, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of disparaging topics to discuss as families break bread this Christmas. In America, there will no doubt be cross-family tensions across tables that stem from recent developments in our country and culture.

Furthering the conversation, and bringing it home to contrast to the holly-jolly hub-bub that is repeatedly force-fed to us through the masses—there are real people with real issues which aren’t magically paused during this time of year. Greer’s cover conversation with Amy Grant is especially worth reading, as the legendary vocalist eloquently reminds us, “Everyone is loved by God.”

In addition to the somber, yet poignant parts of Christmastime, I am especially proud of what we do in these end-of-the-year issues here at CCM Magazine with Andrew’s Christmas & Communion specials and our other timely content—pointing all of our focus onto Jesus—and especially during this time of year, the person of Jesus (Can you see the baby, hear his cries, smell the manger?).

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The Dec. 15, 2016 edition of CCM Magazine


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