Brooklyn, NY (November 5, 2020)
Hezekiah Walker says that Vincent Bohanan & SOV embodies the strength and vitality of the millennial Gospel music choir sound. If this week’s sales of the ensemble’s new single “Any Day Now” are an indicator—Walker is right.

“Any Day Now,” the first single released by Vincent Bohanan & SOV since they signed to Walker’s HezHouse Records, reached #2 on the Billboard Digital Singles Chart—and is destined to be a top player in the coming months. Now, HezHouse released a beautiful lyric video for the single.

Watch it here:

With meticulously soaring harmonies, “Any Day Now” showcases the irreplaceable majestic sound of choirs, matched with an unmistakably exhilarating Brooklyn style. The song is also part of Vincent’s personal testimony: “I was at a point in my life when I was waiting for so many things to happen. Waiting for healings, waiting on anything I prayed for. This song came in my ear, especially the main part—‘but I know he’ll be right on time.’”

“Any Day Now” is the first single off of Bohanan’s upcoming release Live in Chicago that was recorded in the Windy City’s historic Greater Harvest Baptist Church.

“I’m so excited about this single, the upcoming album and working with Vincent overall,” says Walker, who is not only the founder of HezHouse Entertainment but a longtime friend of Bohanan’s. “Vincent Bohanan & SOV are one of my personal favorite choirs and I am grateful to be able to position them for the broad success and awareness that they deserve.”

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