London, UK (August 19, 2020)
UK’s 7Core Music artist, Tina Boonstra, is set to release her newest EP, City of Doubt, September 4, 2020.

Combining her unique lyrical style with punchy bass lines and shimmering guitars the EP is pure alt-pop joy inspired by Regina Spektor and Sam Fender. Unrestrained and unapologetically earnest, it’s a raw and refreshing experience. A clear progression of Tina’s writing ability without leaving behind the fragility and honesty of earlier releases.

From the quirky synth bass lines in “City of Doubt” to the vocal breakdown in “More Than Your Head,” it’s easy to categorize this work as upbeat indie alt-pop, but there’s a depth woven into the story of this EP, recognizable from Tina’s previous work, inviting the listener into the story of a community of friends wrestling with love, fear and self-doubt.

The EP opens with “Out of My Depth,” a crushingly honest rage against the universe and in response, track two slows down to a crawl. What is the rush? provides no answers to questions posed in the lament of “Out of My Depth,” only the offer of company along the way. As the EP progresses the company gathers, from one, to two, to three. It regains pace and a sense of community as it tells the story of friends navigating dark days together.

“I wrote this EP for me and my friends, it’s a little bit of our story reflected back to us in song. We went to school and university and became the educated people the world told us we should be, and yet, not one of us has a clue how to navigate our fears, doubts and desires. But we’re learning together, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.” —Tina Boonstra

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