Tauren Wells, CCM Magazine - imageHills And Valleys (Digital Deluxe Edition):
1. When We Pray^
2. All About You (feat. Hollyn)*
3. Never Gonna Let Me Go*
4. Hills And Valleys*
5. Nothing But You (feat. Davies)*
6. Known***
7. Love Is Action***
8. Undefeated (feat. KB)**
9. All My Love***
10. God’s Not Done With You
11. September*
12. Supernatural+
13. God’s Not Done With You (original demo)^^
14. Hills and Valleys (The Hills Remix)
15. Hills and Valleys (The Valleys Version)++

Hills And Valleys (Standard Edition):
1. When We Pray
2. All About You (feat. Hollyn)
3. Never Gonna Let Me Go
4. Hills And Valleys
5. Nothing But You (feat. Davies)
6. Known
7. Love Is Action
8. Undefeated (feat. KB)
9. All My Love
10. God’s Not Done With You
11. Hills And Valleys (The Valleys Version)

*produced by Chuck Butler
**produced by Casey Brown
***produced by Jordan Sapp
^produced by Colby Wedgeworth and Jordan Sapp
^^Bernie Herms
+produced by Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly
++produced by Brent Milligan

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