South Australia – June 14, 2024
Do you ever look back at the 1980s and simply admire the fashion, the movies, and of course, the music? Do you wish you could go back – even though you may have never been there before? Enter LILLI, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, artist, radio host, and self-described full-time Jesus Freak, who is set to take listeners on a vibrant journey back in time with her debut single “Nostalgia.”

“Nostalgia” is a captivating release that captures all the color, flair, and passion of the 80s. LILLI, at just 22 years old, explores her profound thoughts on an era she deeply misses despite never having experienced it firsthand. The single features LILLI’s angelic vocals layered over a retro-modern pop sound, reminiscent of the style famously popularized by The Weeknd.

Drawing inspiration from Hebrews 11:14-16, LILLI explains the profound connection she feels between her love for the 80s and her excitement for heaven – a place she hasn’t been to before. “I’m excited about it and I feel like I miss it. And yet, I’ve never been there. How can I miss something I’ve never had?” she reflects, drawing an intriguing analogy that adds a deeper layer of meaning to her music.

Hailing from regional South Australia, LILLI is not only a promising artist but also the pioneering talent for the newly established Australian Christian Records. This innovative label, spearheaded by respected EDM producer Aaron Duff, aims to reignite Australia’s dormant indie music scene. Australian Christian Records is dedicated to supporting emerging Christian artists who are confident in their faith and aspire to be positive role models for Generation Z.

With “Nostalgia,” LILLI invites you to join her on a heartfelt journey through time, blending the past and the present with her unique artistic vision and unwavering faith.

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