Nashville, TN (September 13, 2019)
After temporarily selling out at Amazon, multi-platinum rock band Skillet‘s debut graphic novel, EDEN:A Skillet Graphic Novel, is poised to be Z2 Comic‘s best-selling book of all time. Already being called a ‘must-read for comic and music fans alike,’ (Age of the Nerd), the book is one of Amazon’s top new releases and falls on the heels of the release of the critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated band’s No. 1 Rock Album, Victorious. Friday, September 13th, YouTube premiered the trailer for the bonus track, “Dreaming of Eden’s” lyric video that accompanies purchase the comic.

EDEN is already on track to be our best selling book of all time,” remarked Z2 Comics’ Josh Frankel. “I am extremely proud of this book as it stands as one of the best things we published in my estimation, and furthermore to fulfill a market need for quality spiritual entertainment has been an personal desire of mine for a long time. The publication of this book is important not just professionally but personally.”

EDEN: A Skillet Graphic Novel is based on an original story idea created by Skillet frontman John Cooper alongside the creative team of Z2 Comics: Josh Frankel and Sridhar Reddy. Writers Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters of Random Shock Studios wrote the comic with Cooper. Artist Chris Hunt created
the cover and interior pages of the comic.

The story of EDEN: A Skillet Graphic Novel follows the two main characters of John and Korey (based on the real life Coopers). To save their family and town they must uncover the mystery of what lies behind the dreams of a prophecy that threaten to consume them. They set out on a quest that will take them through the barren wastelands and gleaming cities of a near-future Tennessee. Bandmates Seth Morrison and Jen Ledger are also focal characters in the story about survival, determination and strength of personal beliefs.

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