Nashville, TN (March 13, 2021)
Shaylee Simeone announces the release of her newest single, “God of the Wilderness,” written by Shaylee Simeone, Aaron Sprinkle, Dane Allen and Kenny Davis (who also produced it). Shaylee is releasing music every month and already has her next two singles ready, which will be released soon!

She has seen success with several of her other singles like “Ashes to Skies” and “Dearly Loved,” which each have over 2 million streams on Apple Music. Her single, “Ashes to Skies” was also a finalist in the Great American Song Contest in 2020. In addition, several of her singles have appeared on TV shows, trailers and advertisements!

Shaylee Simeone is a Nashville-based Christian music singer/songwriter and worship leader who is on a journey to say “yes” to God’s calling on her life. For years now, Shaylee has enjoyed being a part of several music projects focused on sync/licensing while consistently leading worship at her local church; it’s no wonder that writing worship music that feels universally accessible has been such a natural transition. Shaylee longs for her music to be relatable and emotive while remaining rooted in solid Biblical theology—it’s pop-inspired music that is inherently congregational.



“God of the Wilderness” is a song that Shaylee hopes connects people with not only His wildness and chaos, but His desire for intimacy and closeness with us. Regarding the inspiration behind the song, Shaylee said, “I had carried around this chorus in my back pocket for a long time, and little did I know how relevant it would feel after this past year!” This song taps into the paradox that God is both a peaceful Father and the Lord over the wilderness. He is the lion and the lamb.

The comfort and the chaos. “God of the Wilderness” was largely inspired by the ocean, which is one of Shaylee’s favorite images of God on this earth. It can bring so much tranquility, calm and beauty, while at the same time being fierce, dangerous, and full of unknown depths.

Shaylee said, “I love that we can’t conquere the ocean and that it demands a certain amount of respect from the frailty of men. In the same way, we can never fully grasp everything about who God is and all of His mystery. I don’t want to lose that mysticism and wonder. I don’t want to forget the wilderness of God that holds this very earth and appears in the form of fire and storms.”

This song is a reminder that despite the challenges we face in this world, He towers over them like the tallest mountain. He has greater things in store for us than anything our human mind could imagine, plan or orchestrate—Shaylee takes comfort in this, especially during a year of unknowns and many spoiled plans. He is the God of the wilderness, and He is the God over us.

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