(Colorado Springs, CO)
It has been a decade since Shannon Adducci (formerly Shannon Wexelberg) wrote and recorded a full-length recording project. Adducci readily admits the last ten years have had their share of pain and struggle, but with her new project entitled “LOVED,” she says she has come out the other side with a new perspective.

“After walking through a painful divorce, I was exhausted and depleted,” says Adducci. “A few years later, I married my husband Joe and in the midst of combining households, I also became my dad’s primary caregiver before his passing from an aggressive form of brain cancer. There is always a temptation to pull away from the Lord during a season of profound pain because we feel like we want to protect ourselves. But if we are willing to sit with Him in the mess and trust Him in those vulnerable spaces, it’s almost as if His love becomes fuller and more multi- dimensional to us. As I penned the songs for my LOVED project, I didn’t shy away from expressing how the mystery of pain and loss are often intertwined with our experience of God’s love. It’s important to grapple with both, and I let myself process and experience all of it as I was writing. I believe this has actually been part of my healing.”

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With her prior accomplishments as a singer and songwriter—garnering three #1 radio singles and numerous top 10 songs—Adducci has always been a sought-after worship leader and songwriter. But, she says, this new project was inspired by her deepened awareness of God’s abiding love.

“Through the seasons of massive brokenness, it became more and more difficult to try to pull myself together and feel like I was the person God must want me to be—whole, anxiety-free, secure, fearless, and strong,” says Adducci. “I came to realize He wasn’t requiring any of those things of me, but instead I was demanding them of myself. Not only does He not put ill-fitting, burdensome expectations upon me, but all those things I believed were a hindrance to my being acceptable and useful have now actually become a part of my worship and offering to Him. He wants all of me, and I don’t need to hold anything back. It was a transformative revelation, after all these years of walking with Him.”

Adducci says she hopes the songs on “LOVED” will ultimately point people to God’s redemptive love.

“The songs I wrote that ended up on this new project were not written from a raw, empty, decimated place, but from a place of wholeness, honesty, and reclaimed ground,” says Adducci. “God had done so much in me over the course of these past few years, and I was able to create from a much healthier, yet still vulnerable, place. I want listeners to hear these songs and know they are not defined by the things that have happened to them or even their on-going struggles. They are defined by their beloved-ness.”

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