Nashville, TN (April 29, 2022)
Christian music trio, Selah, has released its long-awaited international EP, One Name. With tracks from all over the world translated into English–from Brazil to France, India and Indonesia, to the Netherlands and Sweden–Selah honour international songwriters and artists whose songs glorify the Lord with their new project. The concept of One Name was birthed in a conversation with Integrity Music President Jonathan Brown as Selah’s Todd Smith shared his desire to champion nations to worship with homegrown songs. Growing up in a missionary family in the Congo, Africa, Todd remembers times of worship vividly: “I would go to villages with my father and people would sing songs such as ‘It Is Well’ and ‘Amazing Grace,’ but when their choirs started song they wrote, a different passion would arise.”

Amid societal and ecclesiological division, Selah hope to inspire reconciliation in the Body of Christ. Sonically, One Name, encompasses a wide variety of genres as a reflection of the cultural diversity of the nations represented through these songs.

‘Glory Hallelujah’ and ‘Jesus Victorious’ display big power vocals whilst ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘God of Ages’ are tender and gentle. The title track, from India, is marked by an undeniable colourful energy whilst ‘Crying Holy’ sounds like Swedish pop songs that have had such a big influence musically in the USA. With One Name, Selah desire to see the wide-ranging beauty of the Kingdom of God infiltrate English-speaking churches.

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Song List:
One Name (Ek Naam)
So Beautiful (Sungguh Indah)
God of Ages (Roi des Âges)
Jesus Victorious (Jezus Overwinnaar)
Crying Holy (Klippan)
Glory Hallelujah (Glória Aleluia)

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