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LOS ANGELES, Cali.—Satellites & Sirens has announced their plans to release their fourth full length studio album, which will be called TANKS. The title track and lead single goes for adds at radio September 12, 2016.

The band has spent over a year writing TANKS, which follows their 2014 album, One Noise (buy). TANKS will be released on DREAM Records, and the band calls it their favorite release yet. “This record is different but familiar, it’s fun but challenging, it’s roll the windows down and cruise and close the door and think,” lead singer Geoff Hunker explained. “I wish you could all have been in the room for the last year as this came together so you could see the time and thought and passion that’s been put into this and to see the things God orchestrated to make this record happen.”

Satellites & Sirens has been actively sharing album updates on their Facebook Page, encouraging fans to spread the word. A recent picture shared showed the album’s track list on a whiteboard, marked to show the progress on each song.  Their new album will be released on October 14, 2016 on DREAM Records.


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