Ryan Ries, co-founder of The Whosoevers movement, has released his latest book Kill The Noise: Finding Meaning Above the Madness.

“My hope for Kill The Noise is that through reading it people will be motivated to find God and discover they are created for His purpose,” Ries shared. “I created a devotional that goes along with the book, which provides an easy way to start engaging in scripture or dive back into it.”

Kill The Noise identifies the reality that we are surrounded by noise— from social media, the entertainment industry, drugs, pornography and many other things. It can be nearly impossible to hear God’s truth through the distractions. Through the book, Ries shares his own story of overcoming the chaos in his life, even when it seemed impossible.

Ryan Ries has been bringing the Kill The Noise message to successful events across the country in 2021. It stands alongside recent Whosoevers video productions such as The Whosoevers: Full Send Tour that are continuing to cement their role as one of the most powerful gospel-centered media voices of this generation.

“God is making big things happen. Between the book release, documentaries and MEGA TOUR, so many people are getting to hear the message of finding purpose in their lives,” Ries says. “There is a collective noise created by social media, the entertainment industry and so many other desires that distract us from God. It is time for us to kill that noise.”

Along with the book, Ries has written a supplemental seven-day devotional, which is available through the respected Bible app YouVersion. Also titled Kill The Noise, the devotional series further dives into topics addressed in the book, including forgiveness, faithfulness, temptation and hope.

Kill The Noise is available at killthenoisebook.com,  and Ries can be booked for your next event at thewhosoevers.com/booking.

Ryan Ries co-founded The Whosoevers with P.O.D.’s Sonny Sandoval in 2009, intending to reach the music and skating communities they loved with the purposeful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, The Whosoevers has become a movement of healing that has reached thousands of young people for Christ. In addition to his work as a sought-after speaker with The Whosoevers, Ries is the host of the popular radio show and podcast The Ryan Ries Show. In 2020, he also launched Custom Branded,
a new footwear and apparel company.

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