Nashville, TN (February 12, 2021)
Rory Feek has built a reputation for his openness and honesty, documenting his love, life, and family in his music, writing, and reality shows. The Grammy award-winning musician and New York Times bestselling author has been intensely candid about the painful journey of losing his wife, Joey, to cancer in 2016. In a raw new track, “Me & The Blues,” Rory shares the reality of living with a loss so deep that it threatens to overwhelm.

As with so many who have experienced the loss of a spouse, giving in isn’t an option. Since Joey’s passing, Rory has been a single dad, raising their now-six-year-old daughter, Indiana. As a parallel to the triumph of fatherhood, the song goes behind the scenes in his struggle to maintain a connection between the beautiful past and the painful present.

“Me & The Blues” will be featured on Gentle Man, Rory’s first solo album and the first he’s recorded without Joey. Set for release via Gaither Music on June 18th, a week before Father’s Day, Gentle Man will feature appearances by some of Rory’s good friends and fellow musicians, including Vince Gill.

Although this is Rory’s first album in recent years, he has released projects including television shows, books, and more. In 2020, he premiered This Life I Live, an intimate docu-series detailing his ordinary-yet-extraordinary life as a single father, family man, and musician. He also published a children’s book inspired by his daughter, Indiana: The Day God Made You. In September, Rory opened his Hardison Mill Homestead School to children everywhere via The One Room Schoolhouse web series.

The common theme in all of Rory’s projects is everyday life, family, and love. However, these stories don’t come without heartache. By sharing his own grief in “Me & The Blues,” Rory demonstrates how the greatest strength comes from giving oneself permission to be raw, open, and vulnerable.

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