Canton, GA (April 7, 2022)
Rev Music is the worship sound of Revolution Church located in North Georgia. With previously released singles such as “Nothing But You (Live),” the collective released its first full length album called Harvest on March 31.

Story Behind the Song – ‘Nothing But You’:
“Often we find ourselves in a place of trying to earn love and approval from God. We think that we can somehow impress Him by the things we do or how hard we try. Ultimately God sees beneath the surface of it all and loves us because of who we are. And not just that, but because Jesus also sees us as pure and clean. ‘Nothing But You’ talks about God’s incredible love for us and our response to that. There is nothing that we can do to earn more or lose the love of God. It is complete through Jesus.” —Rev Music

‘Nothing But You’ Lyrics:

You don’t need a perfect song
You don’t need a fancy prayer
You’re not looking at appearance
You don’t need a famous name
You don’t need the things I’ve made
You’re looking so much deeper


You have searched my heart
Known every part
Still you want me as I am
You have searched my soul
You’ve seen it all
Still you love me as I am


More than what I have to bring
More than any offering
You want surrender over striving
Here’s my life and all I have
Trusting you with open hands
Lord have your way in me


So with
Clean hands
Pure heart
Lord, I want nothing but you

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