Christian nu-metal band Relent has released a brand new music video for their song “Heavy,” a cinematic piece portraying the evil of human trafficking.

“There are honestly no words for the emptiness this specific issue leaves for those affected by it,” Relent’s frontman Miggy Sanchez explains. “‘Heavy’ does its best to not only tell a story, but to rip the mask off the disgusting business of sex trafficking while bringing healing to those In need.”

The video itself is story-driven, following a harrowing narrative of a young woman who is trapped in the horrific cycle of sex trafficking. Although it’s the story of one individual, it represents countless individuals across the world whose stories are shrouded in silence. Given the kind of content depicted, viewers with trauma histories are advised to use their discretion and have support available before choosing to watch the music video.

In order to offer an action step for viewers, Relent is partnering with Run Against Traffic, a nonprofit focused on empowering ordinary individuals to support survivors of human trafficking in their healing process. Run Against Traffic has been growing its influence through partnership with emerging social media platform Pyvott, which also partners with HeartSupport. Brian “Head” Welch has been a vocal advocate for the nonprofit as well.

Run Against Traffic was founded by Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant. “When I first heard the song heavy by Relent, I was blown away by the truth of it,” Tommy shares. “I could hear and feel the pain of someone who’s been directly connected to the suffering of human trafficking. I consider it a deep honor to be given the opportunity to partner with a true story, one that carries extraordinary weight. Human trafficking is heavy, and this song is heavy. I think it’s the sound of a real survivor that needs to be heard and championed.”

This unflinching approach to hard topics sits at the core of the album Heavy as a whole. “It’s a story of trauma. It’s a story of tribulation. It’s a story of therapy. Heavy is the album that says ‘I’m going to walk with you through all of that,’” Miggy says.

This theme of meeting people in the heart of their pain has spawned the singles “Danger” and “Ghost,” both of which have made a charting impact over the past year. It’s drawn listeners into a deep level of connection, resulting in a sold-out release show in the band’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas, in addition to other appearances across the country.

“Heavy” promises to be a continuation of this connection. As Miggy envisions, “Once people hear this song, they are hopefully going to be open to talking about things that they usually don’t want to talk about.”

Get involved with supporting survivors of human trafficking at You can watch the video now on Knotfest. You can find out more about Relent at, or by finding them on Facebook and Instagram.

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