Denver, CO (March19, 2021)
Red Rocks Worship has released the new six-song EP, Things of Heaven (Where We Come From), which is the first installment of two-part EP with part two releasing later this year. Both Things of Heaven EPs offer songs for the listener that focus on the here-and-now of the kingdom, reminding worshipers that if the presence of God is here, so is heaven. Two live videos for the songs “I Will Trust” and “Breathe Miracles” also made their debut today.

“I Will Trust”


“Breathe Miracles”

Seven years ago Red Rocks Worship released their church worship independent debut EP, which surprised the group going to No. 1 on the iTunes’ Top Christian and Gospel Albums chart. Since the launch of the group as an extension of the Red Rocks Church in Denver, Co., they have released three full-length albums that have gone beyond their expectations and church walls. Their hit song, “Breakthrough,” has garnered more than 21 million audio streams and allowed the group to reach a broader audience as they release today’s new project. In a time and place when life feels particularly hard, monotonous, and uncertain, Things of Heaven brings hope of change, hope that God is moving and will continue to do so, and hope that heaven is indeed here.

“These are songs for people to put in their toolbox,” shares original Red Rocks Worship member Tyler Roberts. “These are tools for people to fight the enemy with. And these are songs to speak and to sing out and to experience the presence of the Lord when you don’t know what else to say, when you don’t really understand.”

Red Rocks’ lead pastor Shawn Johnson told Roberts regarding the new project, “This one feels like home. This one feels like church.”

This new collection from Red Rocks Worship is unique in that it was written and recorded during the pandemic last year when everything changed for churches, including at Red Rocks. All of their writing sessions moved to Zoom and instead of the individual worship leaders each leading worship on one of the four Colorado campuses, they were leading worship together weekly for virtual online services.

“We got to be on the same stage,” says Roberts. “We got to feel the passion from each other. We got to feed off each other….all kinds of creativity came out of that.” This united creative front was much needed in the church during a year like 2020. With fear and anxiety in abundance, the Red Rocks team got to work writing these anthems as a way to change their [church’s] perspective and bring heaven to earth.

Preview the EP:

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