CCM: You told us earlier in the year that you grew up on southern gospel, specifically the Rambo’s and that you’re also a big fan of The Isaacs. Can we expect more gospel-related music from you, or possibly more collaborations in the future?
RM: I sure hope so, ‘cause I sure enjoyed doing it. It’s kind of like when you go do television… It’s a community you get to know. You go do theater on Broadway, it’s a community you get to know. I’ve been so used to my community in the country music business. I’m meeting more people in gospel and Christian music that I just absolutely love. I’m loving getting associated with them now. The Isaacs I’ve known for many years now, and the Rambo’s for many years. Reba, it’s so funny that we have the same name, but Reba Rambo, Buck and Dottie…we all listened to them growing up and wore their albums out. That would be our three-part harmony songs that we sang all the time. You can’t beat that blood harmony.|

CCM: Is gospel music and those types of harmonies, specifically, something that you often draw on for inspiration in any type of project you’re doing?
RM: I can’t say I draw on it, because I think it’s instilled in my bones…in my soul. It’s just there.



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