CCM Magazine: The St. Jude #MusicGives campaign simply asks artists and fans to share how music has inspired them personally. So, if you were to put a hash tag to it, what has music meant to your life?
Reba McIntire: #MusicMakesMySoulSing

Music is everything. Music has been my whole life. I sang in the first grade Christmas program—I’ve been around music all my life. Music thrills me. Music lifts me up. Let the music lift you up. There’s a million hash tags you can put on that!

CCM: You probably log many more travel miles in any given period of time than most people…have you personally come across instances where you’ve seen and experienced the impact of St. Jude on a patient or family throughout your travels and interactions with people?
RM: Well, not only on my travels, but in my hometown. I grew up in Chockie, Oklahoma and south of that is Atoka, Oklahoma. The Lane family had been hit with childhood disease. They had to go to Memphis, to St. Jude, and they were welcomed with open arms and well taken care of. It hit close to home. I was very grateful for St. Jude helping out our friends there in Atoka.

That’s not the only place where I have encountered that. When people come backstage, like meet and greets, sometimes we’ll have Make A Wish children and they have gone to St. Jude. I’ve been around St. Jude for many, many years and seen the people who have gone to it and who were still going to it when I got to meet them. They would express how nice, friendly, warm, and welcoming they are. That love that St. Jude has, you can’t put a price on that.


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