Nashville, (June 14, 2019)
Leading school assemblies followed by evening, full-production concerts coast-to-coast and performing at camps during the summer months, Indiana-based Christian pop/rock band Attaboy has signed an exclusive agreement with Ian Eskelin’s Radiate Music. One of the first singles to launch under the new agreement, “Waking Up,” is available now on all streaming outlets.

Written by the band, and produced, engineered and mixed by Doug Weier (Anberlin, We Are Leo), “Waking Up” is a song that encourages awareness, and ultimately, change. Attaboy’s music video of the song exclusively premieres today at, the online destination for the most widely read magazine in America.

“With intense percussion, fierce synths and an undeniable spirit, Indiana-based Attaboy challenges the listener to Wake UP!” exclaims Parade contributor Laura B. Whitmore. “…Chock full of dynamic energy, the song and video deliver a call to action that solidifies their goal of leading positive change.”

“‘Waking Up’ exhorts listeners to not only recognize the need for change, but to push past apathy and pursue action toward it,” relates Attaboy’s Jeff Edgel (guitar/piano). “In a world filled with hatred and barriers attempting to separate us, the song celebrates living a life characterized by unity and love.”

The new song will also be featured on the band’s upcoming and sixth full-length album, which is slated to be released this fall. The album title and more information will be revealed soon.

“Attaboy is connecting with today’s generation through relevant, current sounding songs that are reaching people where they are at today,” says Eskelin, a GRAMMY-nominated, twice Dove Award-winning “Producer of the Year.” “The new single is a taste of what’s to come from this talented four-piece band.”

The Attaboy collective, consisting of Edgel, Ryan Payne (vocals/guitar/piano), Melanie Morris (bass/background vocals) and Christian Morris (drums), have witnessed a ubiquitous longing for authentic social and spiritual connection, especially in the years they’ve spent touring coast-to-coast, singing, dancing and talking with young people. Today’s youth (“Generation Z / Post-Millennials”) have been labeled by some, “the most cynical and distrusting generation ever recorded,” but Attaboy sees the situation differently.

“We live in a culture obsessed with the search for what is ‘real’,” says Ryan. “Whether in the demand for public figures to be more honest and genuine, or in the desire for ‘all natural’ products, or the everyday search for authentic, meaningful experiences, one thing rings true: we are a people with a deep longing for the real thing.”

Driven by a relentless dedication to positively impact the world’s youth, Attaboy is unsatisfied with remaining in a place of sheer cynicism. The band’s stalwart message: to go beyond the confusing, disorienting noises that swirl around us, and that liberation and hope can be found.

“Wholeness and grace help us find patience, healing and courage—even in the midst of doubt and pain,” says Melanie. “And this is a message too good not to share.”

Channeling infectious pop music that has landed them radio success and sustained years of full-time touring, Attaboy’s message is reaching skeptical ears—feet moving to the beat, voices finding belonging in the harmony and hearts opening, blooming simply through the invitation to hope for something more.

“Waking Up” Lyrics:
Can’t help thinking that it’s never gonna change
Wondering how to fake it another day
Seems like we’re all unheard
Weighed down by the heartless words
Same thing over and over, stuck on replay

But I know there’s something more
Gotta find a better way

We are waking up
We will rise above
Tearing down these walls
Not caring is not enough
Leave the hate behind
We’re running to the love
Tearing down these walls
Not caring is not enough

Can’t stop dreaming when I start to take the chance
All these visions are making me understand
Unified we start again
Helping broken hearts to mend
If change is the question, the answer is in our hands

We are waking up
Running to the love
We will rise above
(Not caring is not enough)
We are waking up
Not caring is not enough

℗ 2019 Radiate Music


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