NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 12, 2023)
Singer/songwriter and morning drive-time radio host Perry LaHaie has released a new lyric video for “Crashed Into Grace,” his personal and powerful single, which was recently released from Frontiers USA, an international community of people passionate about inviting Muslims worldwide to follow Jesus.

The “Crashed Into Grace” lyric video already has over 200,000 streams on YouTube.

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The lyric video was created by Alex Acevedo, a filmmaker, graphic designer, and storyteller with a passion to help people connect with God’s story through creative images and beautiful design.

“’Crashed Into Grace’” is all about the fury and the beauty of the love of Christ. And that when we collide with his fury and beauty there can only be but a death and a resurrection,” says LaHaie. “That’s why Alex was such a perfect choice to create the official lyric video. By using the fury of crashing waves, the stunning beauty of the ocean, and the pulse and creative movement of the lyrics, Alex has captured the emotion of being pursued by the raging, wild, uncontainable love of God that leaves the ninety-nine to find the one.”

“The love of Christ that found me was not tepid. My life was like a railcar unhinged from the train, hurtling out of control toward a cliff plunge,” LaHaie continues. “The only thing that saved me was a collision with a Lover who not only shattered my life in the collision, but shattered His so that I might live.”

To view the “Crashed Into Grace” lyric video,” click here. The “Crashed Into Grace” single is found on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, YouTube, and other popular streaming platforms. To listen to the single, click here.

LaHaie’s latest album, Him, was released in 2020. Media coverage of LaHaie and his music has included Cornerstone TV’s flagship show, Hope Today; CCM Magazine; popular daytime TV show, Babbie’s House; nationally syndicated coast-to-coast radio show Bill Martinez Live!;; CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ radio); Jesus Wired; World Christian Broadcasting; Jubileecast; Never For Nothing (UK); and more.

For more information on Perry LaHaie, his latest CD, Him, To view the “Crashed Into Grace” lyric video,” click here. To listen to the “Crashed Into Grace” single, click here. To listen to the Cast Yourself In podcast, visit Cast Yourself In. Follow him on Facebook (, Twitter (@perry_lahaie), Instagram (perrydlahaie), or find out more about LaHaie’s daily radio show, Perry and Shawna Mornings, at 89.3 FM Grand Rapids, MI. For more information about Frontiers USA, an international community of people dedicated to inviting Muslims worldwide to follow Jesus, visit

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