Nashville, TN (April 8, 2022)
North Point Worship has released its first album of 2022, Our God Will See Us Through, from North Point Music and Centricity Music. Available at digital and streaming outlets globally now, the album was recorded live Oct. 14 at North Point Ministries’ Woodstock City Church campus and features the singles “This is My Song,” “God is Love,” “Deliverer” and “Prodigals.”

A common theme in each of these songs, and throughout Our God Will See Us Through, is the encouraging, hopeful message that the pathway to God is never far away as He is always calling His children home. Like the story of The Prodigal Son, perhaps one of the most relatable stories in scripture, people can tend to find themselves wandering toward the things that never satisfy because of fear, doubt, skepticism or misaligned priorities.

“We wrote ‘Prodigals’ as a repentance song, an acknowledgement of going our own ways and failing to go back to the Father when He calls us,” says worship leader Clay Finnesand.

Lauren Lee, who leads this song, encourages, “Regardless of how far away you may feel from the Father, I hope that you can remember through the words of this song that whether for the first time or the 100th time, He’s still calling out to you and the door is open wide, walk through it.”

Expanding on this remarkable invitation, Finnesand shares that “God Is Love” was inspired by Ephesians 3:16-19 and from his own wrestling with how God’s people show love in contrast to the overwhelming love of God.

“The love of Christ is too great to understand, and yet we operate as if we can put Him in a box,” says Finnesand. “My prayer is that if you have shame, it would be overcome. If you have a wound, it would be bound up in His mercy. If you have a heart that is beating, it beats because He wills it to and because He loves you. He is not done with you and He has a future for you.”

“I was raised on hymns and old gospel music,” says Balltzglier. “At the beginning of the pandemic, so many of those old songs began surfacing in my soul again. I met up with two of my dear friends, Kyle Lee and Lacy Russell, and this song found us way more than we found it. No matter what we face, from generation to generation, God’s people have always had, and will always have, a song of hope to sing.”

This hopeful message also resonates in the Lee, Finnesand and Desi Raines-penned song “Deliverer.” The track was crafted during a North Point Worship writer’s retreat as each of these writers were individually going through one of the hardest seasons of their lives. Led by Lee, the song is a declarative message of hope for the broken, addicted, depressed, anxious and suffering.

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Our God Will See Us Through track list:
01) Prodigals (Live)
02) When Your People Sing (Live)
03) Spirit Of God (Live)
04) Deliverer (Live)
05) Devotion (feat. Sean Curran) [Live]
06) God Is Love (Live)
07) This is My Song (Live)
08) All Praises (Live)
09) No Other King (Live)
10) Never Get Tired (Live)


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