Colorado Springs, CO (April 4, 2022)
New Life Worship has released its long-awaited live album, Over It All. After twenty years of worship ministry and seven years since their last project, the worship team of New Life Church based in Colorado Springs is back with music that exudes spirit-fuelled energy, joy, and surrender to the Lord.

Worship is at the core of New Life Church. Of the eleven songs found on Over It All, each carries fresh hope and holy defiance, birthed directly from the heart of their community. The recording invites the listener to join with the unshakeable Kingdom of God where each voice brings their song of praise, declaring truth, hope, and light in the face of our cultural moment.

Worship leader Jon Egan notes, “Worship is a response based on revelation and choice based on conviction.” This resonates from the jubilant album opener “There Is A Savior” to more meditative titles such as “Gloria Patri.”

It is the hope of New Life Worship that Over It All would sound like their church. Egan explains, “If it’s big sounding, it’s because we are bursting to describe God’s holiness. If it’s aggressive, it’s because we are interceding with all we are. If it’s sweet, it’s because there is nothing like His presence.”

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