Franklin, TN (August 7, 2020)
Songwriter and vocalist Lydia Laird has released her self-titled debut EP with Provident Label Group. The seven-song project includes “Hallelujah Even Here,” her first single, the poignant and personal “I’ll Be Okay” and closes with “Here Again,” her powerful rendition of the worship song originally recorded by Elevation Worship.

Produced by Jordan Sapp, Jonathan Smith, Nick Schwarz, and Jeff Sojka, at first listen to the EP the audience will quickly hear Laird’s powerful vocals partnered with heartfelt and yet fervent lyrics. She sings earnestly of hope, honestly addressing pain in life along with the power of the Gospel. She says, “My prayer is that my music invites others to be honest and vulnerable with God and ultimately helps them come to know the unconditional love and grace of a Savior who cares in a deeper and more personal way.”

It was from a dark place that inspired Laird to write “I’ll Be Okay,” a song proclaiming truth amid uncertainty and speaks to her own experiences with depression and anxiety—mental health issues that are near to her heart. “I’ll Be Okay” also put her on the industry map, ultimately finding a home with Provident Label Group and Essential Music Publishing.

It is easy to discover that seven is Lydia Laird’s number. She is the seventh of ten children, she has lived in Nashville for seven years (moving from her hometown in East Texas) and received her record deal with Provident Label Group in her seventh year. Additionally, by releasing her seven-song EP, she is also doing Instagram posts, live streams, and videos, such as an exclusive with, on the 7th minute of every hour, on her album release date, August 7, 2020.

Laird offers songs that share the truth of who God is and what that means for our own identity and security in Christ, a revelation she cites as she began her journey deeper toward the center of the true Gospel. “I’m just on the journey with them,” Laird says when asked how she hopes listeners will view her not only as an artist but a person of faith. “I’m still being sanctified. I’m still learning the Gospel every day. I want people to look at me as someone who can relate and cares, and is saying, ‘Hey, we’re in this together.’”

While traditional touring is paused for everyone, Laird is planning a series of live stream concerts with music, discussions, and guest artists for the rest of the year. Additionally, Laird will continue to write for film/TV sync placements where she’s had success within the past year.

“I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to finally be releasing these songs that have meant so much to me,” Laird concludes. “This EP is proof of the faithfulness, patience, and unfailing love of the God I serve, and it is my prayer that these songs will give as much hope to others as they have me.”


Lydia Laird Song Listing:
Hallelujah Even Here
To Be Loved
Meet Me There
How You See Me Now
I’ll Be Okay
Where Your Heart Is
Here Again

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