Baton Rouge, LA (May 17, 2021)
New Christian music artist, James Stockstill announces the release of his debut EP, James, with Bethany Music. The EP follows the release of his debut single, “How You Love,” which is one of the three songs featured on the EP, also including two new releases, “Just Need You” and “With My God.”

James Stockstill’s musical journey began at the age of five, learning to play the piano and continuing to train classically until he was 16 years old. At that time, he began serving with the Bethany Church worship team as well as Deluge (an internationally recognized Christian band led by his brother, Jonathan Stockstill) and quickly developed a passion for singing, leading worship and songwriting. He went on to study at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he served with the ORU LIVE student touring team.

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James currently resides as the Worship Director of Bethany Church and Bethany Music. The culture of worship at Bethany comes from a unified response to God’s presence and His love for His Church. Their desire is to build a life-giving community of singers, musicians and songwriters who are passionate about leading others into a place of intimate worship and an understanding of the power of God’s presence. James has written and recorded over 30 songs with Bethany Music since 2016 and has a desire to both equip the body of Christ with songs and to make an impact in Christian Music.

“Just Need You” was the first song James wrote last year for his debut EP when he started producing the tracks at home. He said, “I had been reading in Acts 17:24-28 and was fixated on the thought that we were made by God and for God. We were made to know Him in a deep and intimate way and that is the only way we find true satisfaction. I was born and raised in a Christian home and have served God faithfully my whole life, but I still had times of questioning my faith. I would always go back to the moments I sensed God’s presence and nearness in my life, knowing that I could never deny or fight those feelings. They were as real as anything else I’ve experienced and grounded me in my belief that He really is all I need.”

The co-producer on this project, Chris Bevins, highlighted the debut EP, James, by saying, “James Stockstill is an inspired artist, with amazing keyboard chops and a killer voice. These songs capture your attention and reveal a heart full of joy and meaning at their foundations. There’s no sitting still while listening to this music, either! James effortlessly weaves catchy melodies around sophisticated chords and rhythms, and holds it all down with rich, modern synthesizers layered over deep drums and percussion. This is a highly creative and inviting new world to explore.”

James hopes this song causes people to think about their relationship with God in a fresh way and acknowledge their dependence upon Him.

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