Nashville, TN (September 16, 2020)
Modern Day Cure is slated to release their new single My Rescue Friday, Sept. 25. The Nashville-based worship band, led by husband and wife Aaron Chipp and Tamar Chipp, penned the song at the beginning of the year as a reminder of God’s power to rescue during troubled times. Little did they know, this truth would help carry them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, the band is sharing this timely truth with listeners through My Rescue. “We didn’t plan to write this song. It just came one evening as I sat at my keyboard and began to worship,” shares Tamar, lead singer for the band. “During that time our whole family was on the tail-end of being really sick and our baby was not sleeping very well. We also had no idea that a few months later a world-wide pandemic would change everything. But, that’s what this song is about. How God shows up to rescue us in the middle of our mess when things aren’t perfect. We’ve seen this truth play out in our lives so many times.”

The song, produced by David O. Ramirez, was recorded at Gnome Studios in Nashville and also remotely during the shutdown.

Ramirez says the song was written for this moment.

“When things look difficult, we need Jesus more than anything. That’s what the message of this song is all about,” he shares. “It holds a powerful message, and with everything we’re experiencing, it’s a song for now.

I’m excited for the impact of the song and for listeners to be reminded that there is hope.” Leading up to the release, the band also enlisted the help of friends to lend their voice in a series of
devotionals featured daily on the band’s social media platforms.

“There’s so much power in testimony and we’ve been so excited to have some of our friends share how God rescued them in difficult times,” says Aaron, drummer for the band.

Despite the uncertainty of the day, Modern Day Cure hopes the song will cause people to rehearse the history of God’s faithfulness in their own lives and inspire faith for the days ahead.

“Like so many others, we’ve had to manage loss, change, crippling social unrest, and day-to-day uncertainty, but working on this song was the creative outlet we needed,” Aaron adds. “It breathed life. It’s a reminder that no matter where we are, or what we’re facing, the hand of Heaven is able to reach and rescue.”

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