Raleigh, NC (April 29, 2022)
Mission House has released a new live, dual single from its upcoming album. ‘Behold/Never See The End’ revisits the two songs in the context of a room full of friends, delighting in music and the presence of the Lord during a live recording in Raleigh, North Carolina. The deluxe single carries Mission House’s soulful and organic folk, exhibiting the sensitivity and distinctive of the only female duo in the worship music sphere.

‘Behold’ was written by Mission House’s Taylor Leonhardt a few years ago inspired by the apostle John’s dream in Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I am making all things new.” She started dreaming in turn of what this reality would look like. Poets, storytellers, artists, and songwriters have been exploring suffering for as long as we’ve known it, and when Mission House started playing the song people would approach them with stories of loss, abuse, grief, and addiction. Yet, these stories of heartbreak also spoke of healing, hope, and resurrection. Mission House’s prayer is that ‘Behold’ would inspire us to believe a little more in the resurrection, not only in the distant future but here and now.

‘Never See The End’ drives this message home through the lens of God’s eternal and enduring goodness. Written by Jess Ray, the second single was built on her mother’s contagious testimony and seeks to communicate the beauty of trusting in Jesus’ endless good Nature. With their new live deluxe single, Mission House remind their listeners that when we can’t count on anything else, we can count on God’s promise to be present through it all and to make all things new.

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