Nashville, TN (March 18, 2022)
Formed of musicians Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt, Mission House has introduced its first deluxe single of 2022, ‘If I Was A Bird/Nothing Left To Do.’ The first part of this release, ‘If I Was A Bird,’ was written late last year on a quiet morning at the piano, trying to find peace in these tumultuous days. As Mission House played it to people in their community, they noticed how the song resonated with them as they sang to the top of their lungs, leading them to recording it live together.

On the other hand, ‘Nothing Left To Do’ is an older song, written on the back deck of a lake house in 2017. Despite its upbeat vibe, this song was crafted as a response to heart-breaking news of one of the band’s friends in an affair. Jess shares that she “had no other option but to take all my questions, my sadness and my worries and run into the loving arms of Jesus, through tears singing ‘we find all we are in your loving arms.'”

These two tunes and the different contexts in which they emerged click together in beautiful harmony and carry the most consistent messages in all of Mission House’s songs: “Jesus only!” Jess concludes, “it’s like we only have one prayer, but we just keep finding new ways to say it.” ‘If I Was A Bird/Nothing Left To Do’ is a beautiful musical prayer adorned with warm acoustic tones and a genuineness that testifies to Mission House’s skill to write songs that resonate deeply with people’s experience of life and faith.

‘If I Was A Bird’

‘Nothing Left To Do’

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