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LOS ANGELES, Cali.—After opening for Bruno Mars in Honolulu, HI and singing as John Legend‘s duet partner on ABC‘s Duets, singer-songwriter Meleana releases her first album on DREAM Records, White Walls (buy). Meleana recently signed with DREAM Records and immediately went into the studio with producer David Hanley at DREAM Studios in Hawaii to record a powerhouse pop album full of inspirational music and a voice that commands attention. Listen to her song “Surrender” on this page by clicking the “headphones” icon above.

“This album is the heart of my journey created from real life.  We are all on the same team and I’m blessed to know there is light on the other side. Keeping the faith, hope and love! I am so honored to be able to share with you.” -Meleana

White Walls track listing:
1. Live for you
2. Surrender
3. White Walls
4. Through the Storm
5. Author
6. Why you gotta go away
7. Dear Mirror
8. Word from you
9. Hideaway
10. Hold on

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