Matthew Jones, the lead singer of Christian alt rock band Right Hand Shade, is launching his solo career with the single “Where Would I Be Without Your Grace.”  The song launched with an accompanying music video.

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Jones’ solo career is launching in the wake of Right Hand Shade’s decision to close their chapter as a band. After significant success touring the east coast and opening for acts like Big Daddy Weave, JJ Weeks, Phil Joel and Love & The Outcome, the band members’ calling to minister through music as Right Hand Shade came to a natural conclusion. From that ending, singer Matthew Jones found his own calling clarified and refreshed.

But that ownership of his calling didn’t come easily. As Right Hand Shade was rising and then coming to an end, as the world was in a global pandemic, Jones and his family were facing a crisis of their own.

Their daughter already had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In 2020, their son was as well.

“We truly felt like we had the wind knocked out of us, like we had been brought to our knees,” Matthew Jones recalls. “We serve a God of hope. We serve a God who keeps His promises. He’s the same yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow. No matter WHAT we’re facing, He does NOT make mistakes. Ever. And if He has the power to bring dead things back to life, then He’s got my children right in the palm of His hand. He loves them even more than I could.”

That’s the kind of perspective that carried Jones into a new chapter and new songs — including “Where Would I Be Without Your Grace.” The authenticity these lyrics access is also born from the songwriter’s experience on the mission field in Latin America, where he also saw God’s grace manifest.

“Where would I be without your grace?
There’s nothing I could do, to earn or lose your love
Where would I be without your grace?
What you’ve already done, will always be enough.”

Listeners will hear a sonic shift from the surf rock tones of Right Hand Shade. Matthew Jones offers complex groove-driven rhythmic patterns, intricate vocal harmony layers, and his signature soulful and powerhouse vocals. “Where Would I Be Without Your Grace” is the first of things to come. Jones self-produced the song with co-production support from Chris Hoisington and Eric Andersen (Old Bear Records). He’ll be recording more songs throughout 2023, tracks resonate with freedom, authenticity, and the beauty of giving our whole heart away.

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