Nashville, TN (21 October 2020)
Mary Beth Chapman, a New York Times‘ best-selling author, speaker, and wife to GRAMMY and GMA Dove Award-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman, has launched The Blue Petal, an online vintage store. Featuring unique vintage items personally collected and curated by Mary Beth, her sense of humor and wit is cleverly displayed within each item, even down to its name and description she personally gives.

The idea to open The Blue Petal began earlier this year. With more time at home, Mary Beth found herself blending her love of vintage glassware, planters, pots, and anything that caught her eye, along with her love of gardening and plants, particularly succulents. It was her way of connecting something old with something new, and she is excited to give a new purpose to an item that has been set aside or forgotten.

“I’ve always loved old things, whether vintage, antique or just plain old,” shares Mary Beth. “I also enjoy collecting things that catch my eye just because they make me happy and their condition doesn’t matter. Finding something that’s been discarded and giving it a new purpose and a new story to tell has been life-giving to me. I love making sad things happy again!”

She continues, “I’ve also had a lot of fun giving each curated item a clever name and description that hopefully captures the personality of the item and brings a smile to its new owner. And of course, my wordsmith husband is right there chiming in along the way. Ultimately, I believe that one day all sad things will become untrue and that all broken things will be made new. The Blue Petal is a way for me to express that and maybe serve as a reminder that even our broken stories can be made beautiful, and that through cracked places, the light shines bright.”


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