Nashville, TN (August 5, 2022)
Nashville-based band Local Sound introduce the group’s debut album, This Is My Local. After many prolific years of singles and EP releases, Local Sound explores new horizons with its first full length record, one that unveils more of their heart for Christ-centered communities. Born from a house church movement in Tennessee’s capital, Local Sound seek to create culture through highly energetic and innovative music that reaches society.

This Is My Local captures the essence of what the Lord is doing among this group of people, as one of the band’s members, Alexis Butcher, shares: “This album is full of prayers, stories, and the personality of different church members, as well as struggles we’ve walked through together in the last few years.” The personal and contextual stories that brought Local Sound’s new album to life don’t make it irrelevant, but wholly relatable.

The ten tracks on This Is My Local are full of truth delivered on fresh melodies that ride the spectrum of emotions. From more mellow tracks like ‘Through The Night’ and ‘On Christ’ making space for vulnerability, to lively songs like the album opener ‘To The King,’ Local Sound bring an array of worship flavors from their various backgrounds making the album a “little piece of us for Jesus,” as Alexis notes. This Is My Local boldly and creatively encapsulates the band’s vision for Church – be it in homes or more traditional settings – to lift a beautiful aroma of praise to the heavens and ignite renewed faith in the Lord. With this debut album, Local Sound are eager to share what they have learned about worship and loving Jesus.

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This Is My Local track list:
To the King
More Than Halfway
To Be Loved
Time and Time Again
Through the Night
My Confidence
Making A Way
On Christ
Free Indeed
Local Sound

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