Nashville, TN (October 17, 2022)
After their debut album released in the summer, Local Sound introduces dreamy live versions of some fan favorites with their new EP Live from the Fairlane. Recorded on the rooftop of a hotel in downtown Nashville, the new project features some leaders from Local Sound’s house church movement ‘MyLocal.’

Band leader Jared Runion explains how “there was something special about being on a rooftop with our church and singing songs like ‘Time And Time Again’ literally over our city.” The emotion of this special occasion is palpable on the project as Local Sound lead us with their disarming and inviting genuineness.

YouTube Album Playlist:

Spotify Album Playlist:

Live From The Fairlane track list:
To The King (Live) [Live]
Time and Time Again (Live) [Live]
To Be Loved (Live) [Live]
More Than Halfway (Live) [Live]

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