Nashville, TN (November 8, 2019)
Christian rapper, hip-hop artist, poet, and speaker Legin has released a new, more musical version of his spoken word video, “Highly Esteemed.” “Highly Esteemed Reprise” is available everywhere now.

The “Reprise” version is a rap extension of the original “Highly Esteemed” video Legin shot with Will Thomas at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“After a 15 year absence, I was faced with the tension of forgiving my father, and our last conversation in this life was ‘I forgive you,’ before he died. Later, as I came to Christ and was myself forgiven, I wrestled with why I struggled to give the grace to my dad that God so freely offered me. Reading Daniel, God told him he was considered ‘highly esteemed,’ and I realized I wanted God to be able to say that about me one day. No matter where I am in my walk with Christ, I just want to trust Him to make me who I need to be.” —Legin

Check it out here:


Check  out the original spoken word video here:

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