Hip-Hop/Spoken Word Artist Legin Drops New Single

Nigel “Legin” Anderson is a Christian spoken word/rap/hip-hop artist, podcaster and preacher/speaker who uses transparency to connect and art to communicate with his listeners. "Legin is my first name Nigel, spelled backwards, symbolizing that God reversed my life completely," says Nigel explaining his stage persona. Nigel released his powerful new single, "NO" today, available at all digital outlets.

Best Thing I Heard Today: May 29, 2019

Legin's "Highly Esteemed" is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Nigel "Legin" Anderson is a speaker, spoken word/hip hop artist, podcaster & family man who communicates hope for the hurting and love of God in his music

Legin: From Safe House to Dark Room

Shortly after returning from the much-anticipated grand opening of Kerus Global Safe House in Pretoria, South Africa, Nigel “Legin” Anderson launched his first national solo tour in Norfolk, Virginia featuring his new EP Dark Room.

Getting To Know You — Legin

Renaissance artists perform at a variety of venues, where Legin, inspired by his father’s battle with addiction, also speaks about overcoming obstacles, pursuing dreams, living a Christian life, and healing the nation’s racial ills.