Nashville, TN (September 14, 2022)
Christian music artist Josh Blakesley will release his latest single “Alleluia! Sing to Jesus” on September 16, 2022. This marks the third single released by Blakesley for his upcoming new album Outpoured that will be available in early 2023. The first single was “Come to the Banquet,” and the second song was “Jesus, I Trust in You.” The series of new singles will culminate with Blakesley’s seventh album and Outpoured Tour in 2023.

“Alleluia! Sing to Jesus,” may be one of the most recognized hymns in the Catholic Church, said Blakesley. “It is not simply a song of the resurrection of Jesus, but an intimate profession of the hope we find in Him. It reminds me that every new day gives us reason to honor our Creator and Savior King. My hope for this new arrangement is that it will bring renewal to all who pray with it.”

Blakesley’s music talent and his strong faith has led to him becoming a major contemporary Catholic/Christian artist, while appearing with his band at faith events around the country. He believes that he has a calling to make music that will move people into prayer and action. At the same time as a Christian songwriter, he wants to create songs that honor traditions while still speaking to the modern Church.

Blakesley stays on an active tour schedule with his music that consists of appearances at concerts, youth rallies and worship retreats. He will also be one of the hosts for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in April 2023.

About Josh Blakesley
Josh Blakesley is a very well-respected recording artist with multiple successful singles, six albums, and his seventh album releasing in early 2023. He has a heart for Jesus, music that honors Jesus, and people coming together as one on common ground. Blakesley was raised in Alexandria, Louisiana and his love of music began in first grade when he received a Smurfs drum kit for Christmas. During his teenage years is when he became serious about playing and writing music that included both singing and playing drums. During the same time, Blakesley lost a close friend in a car accident and that had a major change on how he viewed his faith and life. “I just made a commitment at that time to live with more purpose and live for Christ.” He has been featured on Sirius XM, EWTN TV Network, Relevant Radio and K-LOVE radio, along with performing with such artists as Matt Maher, Andrew Peterson, Jars of Clay, Newsboys, to name a few.

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