Nashville, TN (February 11, 2022)
DOVE Award winning husband and wife duo Jonathan and Melissa Helser have released the second part of their latest album The Land I’m Livin’ In – Days One & Two (Live). The second installment of this work adds four new songs to the previously released album and highlights the second of three days spent recording on the Helser’s land in North Carolina. The Land I’m Livin’ In is an authentic expression of what God has been doing in a community in the over twenty years the Helser’s have spent cultivating their discipleship.

“We have been so blown away at the response we have gotten from Day 1 of The Land I’m Livin’ In release,” shares Jonathan Helser. “We can’t wait for everyone to hear this next installment of songs that are coming in Day 2. The track we are the most excited about is “I Can’t Get Away.” We had our dear friend Naomi Raine join us on this track and this song is truly a joy bomb!”


YouTube Album Playlist:

Spotify Album Playlist:

The Land I’m Livin’ In – Days One & Two (Live)
1. I Am Your Beloved (live)
2. Running Home (Spontaneous) [Live]
3. I Lose My Ability (Live)
4. We Make Space (Live)
5. Father of Jesus (Live)
6. I Can’t Get Away (Live) feat. Naomi Raine
7. Downpour (Spontaneous) [Live]
8. 4th Man (Live)
9. Magnificent Trinity (Live)

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