Nashville, TN (January 21, 2022)
DOVE Award winning husband and wife duo Jonathan and Melissa Helser have released the first part of their latest album The Land I’m Livin’ In. Recorded over the course of three days in North Carolina, the deeply personal album was created on the land the Helser’s have spent the last two decades cultivating community and discipleship. The Land I’m Livin’ In is filled with the spontaneous, raw, and personal moments of adoration that have marked the Helser’s worship since the beginning. From the passionate surrender of “I am Your Beloved” to the explosive joy found in “I Can’t Get Away” and the confident declaration of “Sound Mind.” this album is an authentic expression of what God has been doing in a community for more than twenty years.

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“When we sat down to decide how we were going to do the album we landed on the idea that ‘we’re gonna do it live, we’re gonna do it here in this room on our land and we’re going to invite alumni.’ there was a joy that flooded and realized that it was time to harvest what we have spent over 20 years sowing into this soil,” shares Melissa. “When we got to the first moment looking around the room and there was 14 years represented, I felt like there was truly no greater reward for us than to see the faces of the people that we’ve loved so hard over such a long period of time and to make this offering with them. It was so sacred. My prayer is that what people hear is that overcoming spirit, because it is the spirit of the testimony of our lives and authentic love for the Lord in the really highs and the really low lows. And it was the truest offering that we could have made.”

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