April 12, 2024
Prolific singer-songwriter (and frontman of GRAMMY-Award winning rock band Switchfoot) Jon Foreman has released “I Propose A Toast”, a gorgeous life-affirming anthem that gives fans another preview of his forthcoming LP In Bloom (out May 31st).

Co-produced with James McAlister (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sufjan Stevens), “I Propose A Toast” is the opening track on In Bloom and sees Foreman celebrating the beauty of life and the priceless connections made along the way. With his characteristic lyrical touch and a light acoustic backing, Foreman encourages listeners to unite around their differences and build the bridges leading to a brighter tomorrow. It’s a stirring message in an era tarnished by hate and division, but Foreman’s worldview continues to spread a gospel of love and understanding: “here’s to love and here’s to life / here’s to fighting side-by-side / here’s to us together / you and I”.

Also released today, the stunning lyric video for “I Propose A Toast” is a celebration of life and human connection, all shot on nostalgia-inducing Super 8 film. The footage invokes memories of Summers long past and reflects Foreman’s SoCal origins and passion for surfing.

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Speaking about the track, Foreman noted: “I Propose A Toast” is a song to be sung at the end of a beautiful night with friends. It’s a refrain born of the paradox of humanity: recognizing both the pain and the beauty. The darkness, and the light. I wanted a song that would embrace the truth of where we are, and the roads that brought us here.

So I propose a toast: Here’s to a love that transcends the distance between us. And here’s to fighting… side by side.”

Foreman is currently on the road on the “Tear The Roof Off Tour” in support of Brandon Lake, which sees the two singer-songwriters playing arenas and large clubs throughout the United States, with shows already sold out in Brooklyn (NY), Memphis (TN), Arlington (TX), Orlando (FL) and more. See below for full tour routing.

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