John Tibbs’ talent for blending the heartfelt with the Heartland is why the singer-songwriter has garnered such a strong following as an independent artist. He’s toured with industry heavyweights like Newsboys and Casting Crowns along with like-minded artists like Audrey Assad and Matt Maher.

This summer, Tibbs released a new single with his version of Maren Morris’s country hit “Dear Hate.” It’s an inspired take on an inspiring message, and Tibbs says the song is close to his heart for the same reason it’s resonated with so many.

“This song is a calling to be reminded that love wins,” he told CCM. “Despite what happens in the world, in our country, or in our communities, I believe that we do have a hope in the love of Christ, and we are called to share that peace and to be active in our community’s healing.”

To that end, we asked John if he would be willing to put together a playlist of similarly inspiring songs. Make sure to check out the playlist below that features John’s new hit single and several other tracks that move him to make the world a better place. Check out his track listing below as you listen:


Johnnyswim/Drew Holcomb/Penny & Sparrow – “Ring the Bells”
This song feels like a calling for revival among the people of God—to lean on faith and love and grace, and to rebuke fear.


Dawes – “Crack the Case”
This song is a perfect telling of finding the way to the table and sitting with your “enemy” to find forgiveness and common ground.


Liz Vice – “Baby Hold On”
Liz is one of my new favorite artists and I love this song! It’s a perfect testimonial that community and hope often go hand-in-hand.


Florence and the Machine – “Big God”
To me, this song is a response to the doubt we face in uncertain times. It’s a reminder that God is big enough to handle it all.


John Mark McMillan (ft. Propaganda) – “No Country”
I think both John Mark and Propaganda are modern-day prophets, and this song has become an anthem for those feeling misplaced into today’s collision of Western culture and the kingdom of Christ.


Sandra McCracken – “Reciprocate”
I keep going back to this one. It’s a haunting reminder that we can never return the love of God the way he gives it to each of us, and yet he never yields.


Audrey Assad – “Evergreen”
Audrey is one of my favorite worship leaders. This song is gorgeous, and a beautiful telling of the steadfast strength of the Lord. Sometimes that’s all we have to fall back on.


Matt Maher – “The Least of These”
I may be a little bit biased because I co-wrote this one with Matt, but I’m so proud of it. I think it’s a timely reminder of the sacrifice Christ paid for mankind.

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