Worship collective, Jesus Culture, will release a brand new project, Why Not Right Now?, on July 21st. The album can be pre-saved now here. Today a new song, “Pour Over Me,” from the forthcoming album. The album was recorded live in Costa Mesa, California. Why Not Right Now? is the first new project from Jesus Culture since 2020’s two-volume Church project.

Today’s song, “Pour Over Me,” is based on the scripture found in Isaiah and Acts and features worship leader and songwriter Chris Quilala.

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“This song is a prayer acknowledging our need for Him,” shares Chris Quilala. “This is a cry for revival rain to fill us and transform us. Only He can satisfy the longing in our souls. It is the Spirit that fills us with this living water so that we will never thirst for worthless things. It is His spirit that brings new life to what has been dead and barren!”

As part of the Jesus Culture music community and GRAMMY®-nominated group, Quilala has co-written well-known songs like “Fierce,” “In the River,” and “Miracles.” The new album features 14 live recorded tracks with the Jesus Culture worship artists, including the recently released song, “Everything That Has Breath (Praise)” with Bryan & Katie Torwalt.

Track Listing:
1. Everything That Has Breath (Praise) [Live]Jesus Culture, Bryan & Katie Torwalt
2. Faith For It (Live) – Jesus Culture, Derek Johnson
3. Pour Over Me (Live) – Jesus Culture, Chris Quilala
4. Let the People Sing (Live) – Jesus Culture, Chris McClarney
5. Why Not Right Now? (Live) – Jesus Culture, Bryan & Katie Torwalt
6. Lost In Your Love (Live) – Jesus Culture, Brett Lee Miller
7. Only One Worthy (Live) – Jesus Culture, Chris Quilala
8. INTERLUDE (feat. Corey Russell) [Live]
9. King Jesus (Live) – Jesus Culture, Derek Johnson
10. No One Else (Tear Down The Idols) [Live] – Jesus Culture, Lindy Cofer
11. I Believe You Jesus (Live) – Jesus Culture, Chris McClarney, Bryan & Katie Torwalt
12. Look To The Lamb (Live) – Jesus Culture, Lindy Cofer
13. Alleluia (feat. Chichi Onyekanne) [Live]
14. All In (Live) – Jesus Culture, Brett Lee Miller

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