What was meant to be a typical visit to a Nashville area gym turned into an unexpected and heart-pounding ordeal for Christian singer-songwriter Jason Gray when his car was stolen during a late-night workout session. The incident, however, unfolded into a remarkable tale of friendship, quick thinking, and a happy ending.

Jason’s evening took a dramatic turn when he emerged from the gym only to find an empty parking spot where his car had been parked just moments earlier.

The situation seemed bleak until Jason realized that his guitar pedalboard, a prized possession, was in the stolen car, equipped with an AirTag. With hope rekindled, he tracked the device’s location using his smartphone, and to his astonishment, he was able to pinpoint his car’s whereabouts.

In a display of extraordinary friendship, his friend and Centricity Director of Marketing Kory Henkel sprang into action. He rushed to the location provided by the AirTag, which, unfortunately, happened to be a rough part of town. Henkel encountered a police officer near the scene and, armed with the real-time AirTag information and constant updates from Jason, they followed the car through various parts of the city.

Although the car was successfully recovered, the incident was not without its share of troubles. Jason’s car keys and wallet were nowhere to be found.  He now faces the task of having new keys made and retrieving his car from an impound lot.


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