Nashville, TN (May 24, 2019)
Christian rap/hip-hop artist Raging Moses has stayed busy since his debut single “Feeling Like A G.”

After spending the last few years feelin’ like a G, Raging Moses is back with a brand new single, “Good Life,” out now on Illect Recordings. “Good Life” sets aside the chest pounding defiance of his earlier song and substitutes it with a compassionate and measured style.

Teaming up with guest songstress Darmea, Moses unveils a withdrawn yet bubblingly contemplative attitude over the self-produced beat. Laid atop wistful synths, pensive snares and spooky oohs and ahhs, Moses quotes bars which encapsulate the oft-overlooked intersections between life, love, spirituality, politics, and religion and he traverses between each theme seamlessly. Darmea’s calming vocals are laced with honey and not a single drop of poison. She melodically convinces the listener that God is the one that makes things happen, and we should just “let it be.”

This new single should serve as a reminder that even when it feels all is lost, life is good and quite likely, better than you think.

Check out “Good Live” here:

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