Sydney, Australia (September 23, 2020)
Todos Mis Mejores Amigos, the Spanish language version of Hillsong Young & Free‘s album, All of My Best Friends, is now available worldwide now. This new project features 6 newly-penned songs (5 live performance tracks and one studio recording), including the group’s breakout single “Best Friends”/”Hay Otra Salida.” The English version peaked at #1 on the Hot AC Chart and remains the highest audio debut of any Hillsong track with more than 6.3 million global streams. It also includes “World Outside Your Window”/”Más Allá De Tu Ventana.”

Young & Free continues to play an integral role in reaching this generation for Christ with their revamped contemporary approach. Recorded in Sydney, Australia, Todos Mis Mejores Amigos was born out of collaboration, unity and seeking to express the raw, bright-eyed passion of Hillsong’s youth group. The new project captures the uninhibited feeling of discovering the love of Jesus and is a reminder that we are all connected to each other.

“I think our greatest hope for our music is that people, whatever their background, circumstance or belief, would know that there is a purpose for their life,” says Young & Free’s Melodie Wagner. “That there is more to life than what they see and that they’re not alone and never have been.”

“We never could have imagined the turn of events that would follow the recording of this album and yet it is full of relevant songs that bring joy and perspective in the midst of uncertain times,” adds Young & Free’s Laura Toggs. “The very essence of Young & Free is a sound that unlocks joy within our hearts. We’ve been waiting to release it at the right time. I think it’s important right now…that you get an infection of joy.”

On August 28, Young & Free released the full album in English, named All of My Best Friends, which includes 20 songs; in January, they featured their first in a series of six singles leading up to the album launch, all of which have garnered more than 15 million global streams to date. Previously released 2020 tracks (also featured on the new album) include “Uncomplicated,” “As I Am,” “World Outside Your Window,” “Lord Send Revival,” “Best Friends,” and “Never Have I Ever.”

Todos Mis Mejores Amigos:

All of My Best Friends:

Track Listing:
1. Más Allá De Tu Ventana // World Outside Your Window
2. Hay Otra Salida [Alternate Studio] // Best Friends
3. Indescriptible // Indescribable
4. Avivamiento // Lord Send Revival
5. Como Soy // As I Am
6. Hay Otra Salida // Best Friends


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