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Building off the success of its 48-hour digital sneak preview release in late 2019, HEAVENQUEST: A Pilgrim’s Progress is being released on most digital, DVD, and VOD formats on February 4, 2020. Audiences will also be able to stream the movie, as well as buy digital downloads and DVDs, on the official Heavenquestfilm.com website.

“We are honored and truly humbled to be recognized as one of the 12 Best Christian Movies of 2019…and we want to thank Crosswalk.com and all of the other media who have supported our underdog film thus far. We tried to do something edgy and groundbreaking in the faith based space with HEAVENQUEST by combining an immersive new fantasy world with Hollywood style action. To see it embraced by audiences both for being something they hadn’t seen before and yet still having a strong God-centered message at its core means the world to us and inspires us to keep creating,” said Dan Mark, Producer of HEAVENQUEST.

HEAVENQUEST caught the eye of movie critics and reviewers for its strong performances, ambitious production design, and modern, inventive take on John Bunyan’s classic novel, including The Christian Post, CBN News, Charisma Magazine, Dove.org, Movieguide, Relevant Magazine, and many others. Crosswalk.com named HEAVENQUEST as one of its 12 Best Christian Movies of 2019, stating that “HEAVENQUEST is a worthy companion story to the classic novel.”

Watch the movie trailer:

HEAVENQUEST is set in a reimagined fantasy universe inspired by the world and characters in John Bunyan’s timeless masterpiece The Pilgrim’s Progress. Modernized and adapted for today’s audiences, this film acts as an origin story. The film follows Vangel (The Evangelist in the original story), as he explores an expansive new world ravaged by a war between good and evil.

Bunyan wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress in 1678 while he was in prison for holding religious services. Considered the first novel ever written in English, the book has never been out of print, it has been translated into more than 200 languages, and is considered the second most-read book after the Bible.

HEAVENQUEST boasts an international cast of actors, including Korean superstars In Pyo Cha (D-Day, Sense8) and Ricky Kim (Law of the Jungle, Oh! My Baby); Karyme Lozano (Tres Mujares, El Manantial) and Ferrnanda Romero (The Eye, The Burning Plain) from Mexico, Australia’s Peta Sergeant (Snowfall, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), and American actors Patrick Thompson (Chicago P.D., Living with Frankenstein) and Alan Powell (Quantico, The Song).

Visit: www.Heavenquestfilm.com

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