Nashville, TN (May 17, 2021)
Hannah Kerr found a way to make intangibles so simple and beautiful it’s as if she knows exactly what the soul needs to hear. Now having amassed nearly 100 million total streams, Kerr opens up her heart once again with the gentle prompt, “Same God.”

Digitally available now, “Same God” is now playing on top playlists, including Amazon Music (Fresh Christian), Apple Christian (Risers), Pandora (New Christian Music Now), Spotify (New Music Friday Christian and Top Christian), and YouTube (Christian Hits Playlist).

“Same God” is written by Hannah Kerr, Emma Klein, and Hunter Leath, and GRAMMY-winning songwriter/producer Josh Kerr (“God Only Knows”) produced the single. These are challenging times for countless people, but in the true spirit of hope, Kerr found inspiration that shines through the song, and even the artwork reflects it.

A subtle prompt from God’s creation, birds chirping without a care, was a topic of conversation during the Zoom songwriting session as “Same God” was coming to life. That small, everyday occurrence is an excellent reminder of God’s constant and unchanging presence. So much so that Josh Kerr added cheerful tweets into the song’s production, and the single’s artwork reflects the beauty of nature, artistically blended with Hannah Kerr’s own image.

“Same God” has a clear message. “This song, that came out of a Zoom call, is a cry from a heart that is broken, a person who doesn’t have it all together, a Christian who still has doubts and fears,” said Kerr. “But most importantly, this song is about God, who loves us and reminds us of the truth when we need it the most. He’s the same God, and He loves us no matter what!”

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