St. Augustine, FL (May 26, 2021)
Sister Christian rock/metal trio, GFM (Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh), recently premiered the music video for their new single, “Where Were You.” In addition to the video premiere, the single (produced by Joey Sturgis) was also released at iTunes and other digital outlets.

The new video and single aims to bring awareness to the topic of suicide and mental health, and the importance of staying connected to those around you.

Where Were You” Video:

“We wrote ‘Where Were You’ with Kellen McGregor from Memphis May Fire and Eric Varnell to remind others to reach out to the people in their lives,” says GFM. “We lost a member of Team GFM a few years ago to suicide, and we know many people have lost someone in their lives due to the same cause. The truth is, you never know who is really struggling or when it’s going to be too late. That’s why it’s so important to check up on people because that one conversation may save someone’s life.”

GFM is not your average teenage girl band. Real-life sisters CJ, Maggie and LuLu are continually breaking boundaries in so many areas of the music industry while spreading positivity with the ultimate goal of reaching people for God with their unique blend of rock and metal. If you enjoy the melodic content of Paramore, and the character themes of Slipknot, then you have found the perfect matchup in GFM. Their musical journey began with 2016’s Identity Crisis, followed by 2019’s Oh, The Horror! GFM kicked off 2020 with new singles in anticipation of their upcoming EP, Operation Take Over. While the pandemic put a pause on the group’s heavy touring schedule, they still managed to hit the road for a short summer run while performing over 20 livestream events that have kept fans engaged.

The group has performed at festivals throughout North America and Europe, while sharing stages with the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Thousand Foot Krutch, Demon Hunter, A Day To Remember, Disturbed, Halestorm, Chelsea Grin, All That Remains, Drowning Pool and more. Their hit single, “Taking Over,” held the #1 spot on the CMW Chart for 4 weeks in a row, while “Graveyard of Identities” and “On the Inside” were both Top 10 hits on the Billboard CHR Chart. To date, GFM has racked up over 1.3 Million streams on Spotify.

The “Where Were You” music video was filmed on location at Castle Otttis in St. Augustine, Florida.

“Where Were You” Lyrics:
Nobody cared, nobody listened until it was over
When he was scared, where were his prayers
Now where is his closure

Well you never said a thing
It’s too late for sympathy
And when he said goodbye
Should’ve known it would be the last time

Where were you when his heart was still beating
You looked away when all that he needed
Was a hand lifting up, so lost from the start
We all watched as he fell apart
Broken, defeated; chose not to see it

The warning signs, the warning signs
They were everywhere
So many times, I thought he was fine
Should’ve been loud and clear

He took a shallow breath
He thought there was nothing left
And when we walked away
That’s when we dug his grave

He needed you, but you let him go
Acted like you cared, but how would you know
He was dead inside, wasted his time
You can hear his voice, in the flatline


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