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Los Angeles, CA (March, 2018) With two impressive albums now out (CLRS, Hands High), New Zealand’s Equippers Revolution has burst onto the scene with their forward thinking sound as they minister to the youth all around the world.  We sat down with them to share who they are and what drives their ministry.  Get to know Equippers Revolution (“EQR”)(answered by Kenan Stephenson).

Q: Who exactly (band members) is in Equippers Revolution?

Equippers Revolution is the Worship team for our Youth Movement ‘the Revolution NZ’ – so to answer that question – we are a creative collective made up of youth leaders, young adults, and high school students, and there are around 25-30 of us at the moment.

Q: What inspired you all to form the worship team?

Quite a few of us grew up together in Equippers Church, and just got involved really young. Equippers Revolution is an expression of our church, and the sound of our youth movement. We wanted to start writing songs to help our young people connect with God, and so that’s how the sound came about.

Q: How did you all get saved and become Christians (testimony)?

We grew up in a great church, but all came to points where we chose to accept God for ourselves, finding our own faith. Some of us made the decision to follow Christ when we were very young, and some of us not until our late teens.

Q: What inspired you guys to play the type of Christian music that you perform?

We just naturally produced music that we liked, and that we hoped our kids would like too. In the core current writing group, we all have very different tastes in music, and so it’s really cool bringing all that together, and finding a common sound.

Q: What is each member’s favorite song to play live and why?

“Senses” and “Promises” are the favourites for us at the moment. They’re so full of joy, and our youth have really embraced them. It’s an absolute party whenever we play those songs in our services, and they’re definitely bringing a lot of life and joy to our church.

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