Nashville, TN (October 28, 2022)
Jamaican-born artist K-Anthony‘s early musical experiences began in the church. He is influenced by the island music, and you can hear his love of reggae and R&B. His songs are well crafted with the lyrics front and center with a decidedly optimistic tone, but the underlying theme of his music is his love for God and hope for the future.

After releasing a string of new songs in recent weeks, K-Anthony has released his new 7-song EP, Arrow.

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“The music biz can be a very crazy world. There have been days where I decided to give up. As an artistic person you want your heart to be heard, but with that comes a lot of obstacles and challenges. After having many discussions with various labels and managers, and in some cases, getting rejected/some didn’t understand the vision, I decided to remain an independent artist, to just let go and let God and give of my best to the Master “Jesus”. What you have listened to from the EP “ARROW ” is my heart: how I failed, days when I was broken, how God lifted me and how grateful I am to God for His love, provision and His open doors. The team of people I have worked with, I am so honored and so blessed for you to have worked with me. For me it was and is special, I want to thank them ALL…But God you used a little country boy with a dream. If any good is seen in me it’s God, God did it !! I’m His Arrow. The EP Arrow! THANK YOU TO ALL!” —K-Anthony


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